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The University provides a platform for certain commercial activities on campus. The majority of these enterprises are aimed at providing services to our staff and student community.

Should you have a business idea or service that you would like the University to consider please complete the online registration process.

How does it work?

The online registration process is a tool that will assist the University to gather the necessary company profiles and supporting documentation from a variety of entrepreneurs in various business categories, it is NOT a guarantee to future business.

The online platform allows you to upload your company details and supporting documents and register in a maximum of 3 business categories (please select the business category that best describes the type of business you are wanting to provide to the University).

Should the University determine a need in a particular category or sector, ALL those companies registered within that category will receive a notification email informing them that a new listing has been loaded and they are welcome to submit a formal application.

Please select the Business Type that currently describes your existing business structure:


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